At Exponent, we’re building the future of education for tech by having built the first all-in-one interview preparation platform with personalized learning, peer-to-peer practice, and innovative educational content.

We are incredibly enthused that many of our members reach out seeking ways to give back to our community at Exponent. As such, we’ve outlined the ways in which the public can connect with us to collaborate. You’ll contribute to how hundreds of thousands of people in tech prepare and apply for jobs!

Whether you are a leader with many years of work experience or actively interviewing to break into your first job; love to share your knowledge with many through video or guide someone 1:1 - we have many options available for you to contribute your hard earned experience, and get compensated for it.

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Fill out this short form! We’re launching new projects often and looking for support from our community of collaborators!


🎬 Record a Mock Interview

🖨️ Write a Self-Guided Practice Question

🧩 Create an Interview Guide for your Company

🧠 Be a Lead Subject Matter Expert (SME)

🌱 Be an Exponent interview / career coach

✏️ Guest write for the Exponent blog

📱Earn commission as an Affiliate Partner